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Your idea to product

Do you have an idea? I can help you transform that idea into a successful product. From user research to product launch and beyond, I have you covered. What I can bring to the table is not just product management skills but a deep understanding of technology and design.

My Expertise

Feature Management

Identify – qualify – conceptualise – design – develop – measure – iterate.
That is the lifecycle of a feature. Skipping any of these steps can be catastrophic for the feature! Read more about my process here.

Requirements definition

It is important to define the requirements clearly and effectively. A consistent format will help the developers, designers, and testers understand the feature and its scope. Here is an example that showcases how I do it.

Product Roadmap

Roadmaps are excellent tools to communicate product vision and the path forward to stakeholders. A good roadmap goes a long way in removing uncertainty and building confidence in your management, team members, and even customers. Sometimes you will need roadmaps of varying granularity for a variety of audiences. Let’s take a look at an example here.

Product Metrics

I believe in data-driven decision making rather than over-relying on intuitions! Tracking product metrics give us a fail-safe way of making decisions. Read more about my recommended metrics in this article.

Competition Benchmarking

We have a problem to solve. Competition has a solution on offer. Studying them will help us build a better solution. Let’s gain market share. It’s ok if you push your competition to bankruptcy in the process :). Read more about my approach here.

Agile Project Management

Idea is to build iteratively to bring value to the end-user quicker. Prioritizing stories to measuring sprints, everything has an impact. With 7+ years of experience managing conventional sprints, I am now exploring the Spotify model.

Release Management

With more than 50 releases under my belt, I had the opportunity to refine the release process to achieve a frictionless result. Writing engaging release notes or writing a release blog comes naturally to me. My release checklist can give you more insight into my process.

Documentation and Product Evangelising 

In 2007-2008 I started my career as an Instructional Designer in the e-learning industry. To date, this experience helped me write easy to understand documentation for various products. I have experience building a documentation portal from the ground up. See an example document here. Creating product videos as part of product evangelizing is another area I have experience in. See an example video here.

User Experience Design 

With more than 10 years of experience in User Experience design, I bring to the table ability to do – user research, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design. In my opinion, UX skills can make product managers more effective. Here is my wireframing tutorial for product managers.

Development and Engineering Quality

Working at Embold helped me learn and acquire a completely new perspective towards code quality. If you want to know how can your team improve the maintainability of your code with easy to implement practices, join one of my webinars. Or watch this video.

Want to know more about me or to have a conversation?